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2,200 church leaders just shared their opinions on technology’s role in ministry

State of Church Tech 2024

Primary Report
Catholic Edition

Discover what church leaders are saying about their priorities, concerns, and expectations with church technology, today and for the future.

No more tech anxiety. No more feeling left behind.

See which digital tools are propelling other ministries, then apply their experiences and learnings to your own plans for the future. Inside the 2024 report you’ll find data and detailed breakdowns of three key themes:

  • Leaders are abandoning the idea of in-person-only ministry
  • Insecurity plagues the next generation of decision makers
  • Churches are eager to experiment with cutting-edge tech

About the Research:

  • Over six thousand leaders from every corner of the country have participated in the last three reports.
  • Every respondent is either a ‘decision maker’ or ‘influencer’ for technology purchases within their church.
  • The churches included represent ministries of every size, from all across the faith spectrum, with widely varying budgets.


Churches considering a return to in-person-only ministry.


Amount of leaders who are anxious or unprepared when making tech decisions.


Churches that believe technology is important to their mission.

Clay Scroggins
Author of How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

The future of church technology is not just about embracing new tools but also about changing our mindset. It's about accepting our limitations, learning from those around us, and viewing these advancements as opportunities rather than obstacles.

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